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full time Marketing & Support person

la Human Resources in Bucureşti

Marketing & Support person


we are looking for a 20-30 years old female, good looking with the following skills:

1 - Perfect English writing and speaking

2 - English talk inside videos, a TV show presenter like

Full time job, based in Bucharest.

Show us a 30 seconds of video reading the following:


Remove barriers to entry for entrepreneurs

All entrepreneurs need to do is write down the broad strokes / beginnings of their idea. And any specific terms / conditions they have. (Ownership, Voting rules, Etc). Absolutely nothing else should be required of them. Write down an idea, Banana Fund and it’s crowd does all the work, and everyone gets their agreed share. Easy!

Use the crowd to brainstorm / collaborate on business ideas / plans.

Apply the knowledge, experience and suggestions of the crowd to form business plans, rules and processes documentation. And to reward those contributions with a small stake in the project. (Entrepreneur approves suggestions / edits, after the crowd has upvoted, and commented on them)

First come first served incentives, that help drive crowdfunding

Getting started is the hardest part! So we aim to reward those that act first, and subsequently enable everything... We do that by breaking up the ‘backers stake’ in the business into 20 blocks. With each block being a multiple in price of the first block. See the ‘Initial Token Offering’ section for details of this key feature!

thank you.

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